Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Breast Cancer PN PLUS Accredited Certification ~ THERE'S STILL TIME TO SIGN UP!

The Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute and The National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC), has just announced their first collaborative training session! By working together, HPFPNI and NCBC can now offer students Patient Navigation training PLUS a 3-hour test for accredited certification*. This is big!

WHEN: November 13 -14, 2014; 8:00am – 5:00pm
WHERE: Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute
55 Exchange Place, Suite 402
New York, New York 10005

The Power of Two!
The collaboration of these two highly regarded professional organizations will, for the very first time, allow an individual to combine the compassionate practicality of navigation training with the validation attained through accredited certification. HPFPNI will offer training based on the Harold P. Freeman model of Patient Navigation, and the National Consortium of Breast Centers will administer the certification exam.

What is The National Consortium of Breast Centers?
A nonprofit membership organization founded in 1986, the NCBC is dedicated to excellence in breast healthcare through education and cross-fertilization of knowledge and skills. It began as a small group of multidisciplinary breast health experts and has grown into an ever-increasing group of medical and allied health professionals who exchange information, network and learn from renowned clinicians and from each other. The focus continues to be on the development; implementation and expansion of breast center programs such as navigation, which promotes high quality cost efficient care in a patient-centric manner, while continuing to address and promote clinical excellence in all aspects of breast health care.

With the addition of private sector businesses and corporations as part of the NCBC membership, breast health professionals are kept informed about advances in equipment, technology, drugs and services available to them to improve patient quality care. Through  monthly newsletters, an annual interdisciplinary annual conference and networking throughout the year, NCBC members are kept informed of the ever-changing breast health care world both nationally and internationally.

*The National Consortium of Breast Centers developed a Certification Program for breast patient navigators in 2009 so that those who would move into navigator roles would be able to do so with standardized and validated skill sets.

A Shared Vision
The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) calls for the presence of a navigation program in all Breast Centers by January of 2015. With this deadline nearly here, our partnership creates a path for Breast Patient Navigators to prepare and validate their capabilities. 

The NCBC Breast Patient Navigation Certification Program offers six types of Breast Patient Navigator Certifications:

CERTIFIED NAVIGATORS BREAST (+ individual designation based on licensure)

  • CN-BI = Diagnostic Imaging/Treatment Techs (all technologist from diagnostics to treatments)
  • CN-BM = Management/Social Worker (all social workers and managers of navigators)
  • CN-BA = Advocate (all volunteers/lay navigators 
  • CN-BC = Clinical (all certified  medical assistants, technicians, licensed practical/vocational nurses)
  • CN-BP = Provider (all breast care diagnosticians, nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assts, breast care PhDs)
  • CN-BN = RN (All registered nurses from breast care, diagnostic imaging, treatment, survivorship, genetics)
Our Vision is to positively impact breast care and improve the experience, satisfaction, and outcomes of the breast cancer patient. We will achieve this by combining the highest quality training in Patient Navigation with the most respected testing and Certification program ~ HPFPNI & NCBC

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