Monday, January 28, 2013

Who WE Are

Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile ~ Wilfred Grenfell
Each and every individual at the Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute (HPFPNI) helps to make it the special and top-tier Patient Navigator learning institute it is today. Since the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention established the HPFPNI in 2007, we have proudly welcomed countless exceptional people through our ‘hallowed halls’. Here are just a few individuals who have chosen to be a part of our amazing institute:
It all began with Dr. Harold P. Freeman, known worldwide as the “Father of Patient Navigation.” Patient Navigation was founded by Dr. Freeman in 1990, when he initiated and developed the first PN program in Harlem to reduce disparities in access to diagnosis and treatment of cancer, particularly among poor and uninsured people. From receiving an M.D. degree at Howard University, to serving as the Director of Surgery at Harlem Hospital Center for 25 years; as the Founding Director of the National Cancer Institute Center (NCI) to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities, and also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons; as Medical Director of the Breast Examination Center of Harlem, in addition to being the current President and Founder of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in New York City… Dr. Freeman has always, and continues to this day to save lives by navigating patients through the maze of chronic disease care.
Courtney Bowen, Lead Trainer at the institute, has worked on and off with Dr. Freeman for the past 20 years. He is responsible for running and organizing the in-person training, and is a trained Patient Navigator, himself, often teaching portions of the course.
Amber Paquette became an integral part of the sales, marketing, and business development for HPFPNI in November ’12. Her background is in medical device sales, marketing, and consulting. She is devoted to Patient Navigation and works tirelessly day in and day out to promote it through her efforts for the institute.
These are only a few of the devoted, passionate members of the HPFPNI staff, and we are so proud to call them colleagues, friends, and fellow proponents of this incredible lifesaving career choice called PATIENT NAVIGATION! We are so happy to invite you to be a part of the PN conversation. Please take a moment to include a comment here and/or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THIS is Patient Navigation

No person with cancer should have to spend more time fighting their way through the cancer care system than fighting their disease ~ Dr. Harold P. Freeman, founder of Patient Navigation 
Welcome to the Patient Navigation Hub! Welcome patient navigators, patient advocates, and cancer patients. Welcome nurses, hospital administrators, social workers, cancer survivors, chronic disease sufferers, and their family and friends. Welcome to HP Freeman PNI alumni and students! Welcome to anyone and everyone who is searching for a place to read about and discuss all things Patient Navigation (PN). This is a brand new blog, or "patient navigation hub", brought to you by the Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute (HPFPNI), aiming to consistently provide news and dialogue on PN trends, that will interest current, past, and future patient navigation students, in the hopes that all who join in on the conversation will gain further insight into this incredible, lifesaving career.

What is Patient Navigation?
Patient navigation is a patient-centric healthcare service delivery model. It is a patient-centric concept that concentrates on the movement of patients along the continuum of medical care. It is a comprehensive term, to include all steps through this broad and diverse continuum, beginning in the community and continuing on through testing, diagnosis, and survivorship to the end of life ~ Dr. Harold P. Freeman
The concept of patient navigation was founded and pioneered by Harold P. Freeman in 1990 for the purpose of eliminating barriers to timely cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care. Dr. Freeman and HPFPNI stress that the critical window of opportunity to apply PN is between the point of an abnormal finding to the point of resolution of the finding by diagnosis and treatment.

Currently the patient navigation model has been expanded to include the timely movement of an individual across the entire health care continuum from prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and supportive, to end-of-life care.

Patient navigation has shown efficacy as a strategy to reduce cancer mortality and, very notably, is being applied today and moving forward, to reduce mortality in other chronic diseases (to include Diabetes, AIDS, and chronic heart disease).

Who Can Be a Patient Navigator?
Anyone (with training)! A layperson, nurse, social worker, cancer survivor -- anyone who wants to be a Patient Navigator can take a course (visit Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute for more information on our intensive PN learning program) and start their journey on what will prove to be a rewarding career path.

So, welcome to the Patient Navigation Hub! Please feel free to share this blog with others. Follow HPFPNI here, on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. THIS is Patient Navigation... Let's get the word out!